martes, 13 de julio de 2010

کtαяt thε Сσυηtdσωη


July 18th  Until August 8th

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

کhσяt αηd کtуlιѕh

A few days ago, i recived some  boxes from  * Vesna * and for some rl issues, not opened until today.
OMG! They are a clear indication that to be elegant not need to go with long dresses!!!  and we can combine them with anything and we are always going to look like divas   ㋡
Thank you so so much  Max G.  for these  beautiful creations!!!!  :)
Violet  " Li " Dress from  *  Vesna *  - New Item
     White " Lona " Dress   from   * Vesna *  - New Item


Short Boots  in 4 different colors   *  Aniri's  *
Long White Boots  * LaRosa *   - (these came  with a complete outfit)
Red Sandals   * Stiletto Moody *
Light Gold Sandals   * Tara *
Black Sandals  *  LGStyle *
Silver Sandals  * Ys&Ys *
"Deena" black hair   * Fri.Day *
"Elf"  skin   * Curio *

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια