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Happy Holidays Hunt→ Part XIII→ Lm's & Hints

Each Item Costs 10L

1.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #1: ISPACHI
HINT:          Look for the pink orchid

2.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #2: Khush
HINT:          Immer Gerade aus

HINT:          Chaise it

4.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #4: [LeeZu!]
HINT:          Enter the furniture store and be sure to go the 'right' way.

HINT:       The redelivery terminals are invaluable...

HINT:         Go towards the right, but not towards the sunlight.

HINT:        Brought to you by the angels.

HINT:        All the gifts are under the tree

HINT:        Can someone put these baskets up in the attic?


11.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #11: *REALE*
HINT:          So many eyes looking at me!

HINT:          christmas market

13.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #13: Pom.pon
HINT:          Gatcha! :3

14.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #14: Barcode


HINT:          CLOTHING BUILDING: Subscribe to my way of thinking

HINT:          Look left!

18.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #18: aRAWRa
HINT:         look up "high" at this dress

HINT:           amongst the killer blazers, lying on the cold slab floor


21.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #21: JeSyLiLo
HINT:          Peeking out from under the tree

22.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #22: ORTA
HINT:         You might have to stretch to reach this one!

23.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #23: Magoa
HINT:          Its a scroll collection!


25.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #25: MudHoney
HINT:          A gift from us... or Santa.

26.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #26: Fusion
HINT:          Set behind

27.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #27: modd.G
HINT:          I'll just sit and admire the snow

HINT:         Long legs

29.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #29: BLITZED
HINT:          See through the blindfold

HINT:          Even the Tinman Learned to Love.

HINT:          Dream a little dream

HINT:          LaGyo:  go where things are new, turn the corner and see the forest

33.               Happy  Holidays Hunt  #33: TART
HINT:         Skins section, coming soon!

34.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #34: Willow

HINT:          It'll only hurt for a second.


HINT:          Up one set of stairs in plain sight

38.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #38: croire
HINT:          write in the guestbook or leave me a note

HINT:         Find the snowman

HINT:        The first place you look on Christmas morning.

HINT:          like a lookout on a boat

HINT:         Call on me 

HINT:          "JADOR" is very beautiful

HINT:            What would you wear for a Christmas Ball?

HINT:            Meet me at the rooftop for drinks

HINT:            Don't let this clue stump you

47.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #47: POSEUR
HINT:            Meet me at the rooftop for drinks


HINT:            near the gold

HINT:            A broken pillar to my left.

HINT:            relax

HINT:            Two white balls and one carrot!

HINT:            part of present

54.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #54: Son!a
HINT:           Its a great day for a white wedding  

55.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #55: cheLLe
HINT:            Will your cheeks be Rosy Blush?

56.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #56: Elate!
HINT:        Not *under* the tree.

HINT:            In plain sight



HINT:            check for presents

HINT:            it's hidden  in White...

HINT:            Meow


HINT:            Have you seen any shoes?

65.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #65: sblur
HINT:            satisfy your sweet tooth


HINT:        You can never have too many bracelets!

HINT:            Relax and have a cup of hot chocolate!

HINT:            Lend me a hand

HINT:          Suprise in a merry go round    

71.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #71: Evoke
HINT:            No thanks, we're British

HINT:             Don't forget to clean behind the ears. 

HINT:          Breezy  


75.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #75: no.07
HINT:            Rockin around the christmas tree

HINT:            Up for a logo and a drink

HINT:            It seems that Santa already left something for you!

HINT:       Quick catch me before im shipped out to sea     


HINT:            we have many wood in shop also shoes

HINT:         Sign up here   

82.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #82: AMIARI
HINT:            Brr, its cold out! Come in and warm your toesies

HINT:            merry christmas!

HINT:            How are thy leaves so small


86.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #86: Atooly
HINT:            the deer have a gift for you

HINT:            Santa has his list & he's checking it twice!

HINT:             Why don't  you stop to read a little? 

89.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #89: MOOD
HINT:            You'll always find jewelery in a jewelery box!

90.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #90: Cynful
HINT:            Up one set of stairs, in plain sight

91.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #91: ORION
HINT:            the gift doesnt fall far from the tree

92.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #92: Jador
HINT:            click the butt of the cold lady

93.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #93: Flair
HINT:            Look up!

94.              Happy  Holidays Hunt  #94: W.Winx
HINT:            The cats know where it's at

HINT:            There's mischief a 'foot'

HINT:            It's in the GIFTIES

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

Happy Holidays Hunt→ Part XII

This Hunt Starts December 10th
Pose→ "Holiday Trio" By Juicy Littlething To  * Poseur *  - HHH
Pose→ "Christmas Morning" By Cynthia Ultsch To  * CnS e-motion *  - HHH
Seat w/Poses→ "Balmoral Loveseat" By Winter Thorn To  * {what next} *  - HHH

Gracias Kenya y Boss por ayudarme con la fotito!! 
Gracias Nolo Jejces tan bonito como siempre y un genial modelo :)

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια