domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Raspberry→ Hair Fair 2011 ㋡

Raspberry Aristocrat (owner & designer of [Raspberry]) launched 3 new hairstyle wich are exclusive items for the Hair Fair 2011 and the 20% of all sales in all of her designs in every color pack will go to "Wings for Kids".
Thank's so so much Raspberry!!  ❤
Inside the Freebie Bag you can find this 2 hairstyles in 8 differents colors!! ㋡
"Fama" Swimmwear in Margareta color By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - New!!
"Strawberry" Necklace By Lynaja Bade To  * Concrete Flowers *  - Lazy Sunday 03.07.11
"Pout" Skin in Sundust [Light] tone/Pout-Whine2 By Gala Phoenix To  * Curio *
"Elly " Dolly Gloss/Teeth (Blush) Lipstick Tattoo By Mochi Milena To  * [PF]Pink Fuel *  - New!! (are sold only with the skins)
"Alizee" Shape By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - New!!
"I <3 Cuppycakes" Props & Poses By Mochi Milena To  * [PF]Pink Fuel * -Snacks and Sweets Hunt 2010
"Jane" "Fae" "Khloe" "Jess" "Petunia II" Hairs By Raspberry Aristocrat To  * [Raspberry] * - Exclusive in Hair Fair 2011

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια