sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

After Crashing & Crashing...

Yeah..Yeah.. I know.. that's an olddd news, but yesterday i can't do the shots.
There you can find almost all the best stores on SL and for the inauguration the designers left us some gifts in the stores (you must have activate the Truth District tag group). 
The gifts will be available until July 5th, but don't miss the opportunity to visit this glamorous sim and buy at the best stores!

"Boes-Glitter" Sweater By Beanster Potato To  * Ducknipple *  - TD Gift (in group notice)
"Lazy Denim" Skirt in Dark Navy By Tyr Rozenblum To  * Grixdale * - TD Gift
"Becky" Hair (fatpack) By Truth Hawks To  * Truth *  - TD Gift
"Airhead" Skin w/Dark Brows By Gala Phoenix To  * Curio *  - TD Gift (in group notice)
"Long Hair 3" Poses Set By Katey Coppola To  * Glitterati *  - TD Gift
"Tank Top & Tab Top Shorts" TruthDistrict Exclusive color By Drinkinstein Sorbet To  * The Sea Hole *  - TD Gift
"Tente" Ring in Fire By Julia Merosi To  * Je Suis *  - TD Gift
"Racerback Set" In Vermillion/Warm Grey color By Anessa Stine To  * Dcny *  - TD Gift
"Georgia" Top in Cement color By Kianna Noel To  * [Addict] *  - TD Gift
"Drew" Trousers Faded/Lace Pocket By Dakota Buck To  * Whippet & Buck *  - TD Gift
"Absinthe" Shoes in Black & White By Nardya Rousselot To  * Nardcotix *  - TD Gift
"Sitc" Dress in Black By Milla Michinaga To  * MichaMi *  - Td Gift
"Leilani" Corsage accesorie By Gyorgyna Larnia To  * LaGyo  * - Last Subscribe Gift

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

I've a Zebra in My Wardrobe!!!!

"Zebra" Bodysuit By Ekilem Resident To  * MonS *  - New!!
This outfit comes in 5 colors and with 2 options to wear it.
"Shanti" Black Sandals By Onyx LeShelle To  * Maitreya *
"Sinra" Jewelry CK Black By Kikunosuke Eel To  * Mandala *
"Jean Streaked" Hair in Espresso color By Truth Hawks To  * Truth *  - New!!
"Jita3" Skin/Blossom Lips/Breast By Monsl Resident To  * MonS *  - New!!
"Long Hair3" Poses Set By Katey Coppola To  * Glitterati *  - Truth District Group Gift

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βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια