miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Lεαgυε/ Ɗεяηιεя Сяι--> Exclusive in Summer Of Love Fair

Another shop wich couldn't miss this fair is * League *, who exclusively for the "Summer Of Love Fair"  presented the Hitch Dress-Florals in five different colors.
The textures are amazing! and we can combine them with anything that we'll always be beautiful !!!!--> Thank you so much Nena J. for these dress, they're are very very beautiful!

"Hitch Dress Floral" in Soft Brown from  * League *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
"Dune" brown boots  from  * Maitreya *
"Heather" hair in Ochre  from  * Dernier Cro *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
"Hitch Dress Floral" in Vintage Green  from  * League *  - Exclusive in  S.O.L
"Chloe" Olive Studded Ankle  from  * M2M *
"Hitch Dress Floral" in Red  from  * League * - Exclusive in S.O.L
"Prestige" boots in  red leather from  * Bax *
"Hitch Dress Floral" in Denim Blue  from  * League *  - Exclusive in  S.O.L
"Flat Ankle Boots"  in black  from  * Coco *
"Hitch Dress Floral"  in Ecru  from  * League *  - Exclusive in  S.O.L
"L'Homme" brown boots  from  * Hoorenbeek * - (yes they're from  men, but i love it!!)

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

Ƭ-Јυη⊂тιση/Ɗεяηιεя Сяι/ωhαт Ŋєχт--> Exclusive in Summer Of Love Fair

To present at the fair, the store * T-Junction * designed a serie of t-shirts in different colors with nice phrases in front of them. In the pictures you only can see three styles, but at the show there's more!--> Ty so much Kalli S. for these funny tshirts!!!!!
The hairshop  * Dernier Cri * presents two models of exclusively hair, very real and flexy. The textures are incredible! One of them is more "youth", while the other is presented as "disheveled by the wind"--> Ty so so Much  Asuka M.!!!  I love your hairs!!!!!! They're  sooo real!
For its  part, the store * What Next * exhibits a series of beach-style furniture in soft colors and very good animation. The sofas that appears in the photos are a small sample of what's new can be seen at the fair.--> Ty very much  Winter T.  for these furnitures!  They're great!!!!

Black tshirt "Virgin "  from  * T-Junction *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
"Bellini" shorts in blue   from  * Alexohol *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Hair: "Lorelei" without bangs in jet color  from  * Dernier Cri *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Orange tshirt  "I<3 ewe"  from  * T-Junction *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Hair: "Lorelei" with bangs in jet color  from  * Dernier Cri *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Daybed  "Beach Cottage"  from  * What Next *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Pink tshirt "Cute"  from  *  T-Junction *  - Exclusive in S.O.L
Armchair  "Just The Two os Us"  from  * What Next *  - Exclusive  in S.O.L
βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια