martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

→ Red Riding Hood ㋡

Complete Outfit with Hair→ "Red Riding Hood" By Sally Soleil To  * Fierce Designs *  - New!!
Ghost Balloons V1  By Lynaja Bade To  * Concrete Flowers *  - New!!
Skin→ "Classi Red" in Caramel tone/Misti/Black Brows/cl By Rhapzody Wilde To  * Mynerva *

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

→ Angel & Devil ← Friends Time ㋡

Everyone needs an angel with light to guide us in the dark moments that appear in our lives.She, Kenya Pevensey, My guide .. Who acts as mother without being .. One of the people who will not let me down .. who always ...Always was, is and will be there for me.Also ... one of the owners of the Konejita's Vip group, who makes the best pictures with an incredible quality and an amazing amateur Dj yeahhh!!
Kenya.... shewua --> Te quiero con Toda Mi Alma!!!!
Styles Card

Kenya Pevensey
Lingerie: "Monike" in White From  * Neiva Kumasi *  - Limited Free
Sandals: "Soul XtremeHeel II" in Pearl From  * N-Core *
Hair: "Romina" in Chocolate From  * A&A *  - 1L Marketplace
Skin: "Andrea Passion" From  * Ys&Ys *  - TDR New

Anais Mhia
Lingerie: "Valentine's 2010" By Nyte Caligari  To  * Nyte'N'Day *
Boots: "Prestige" in Red Leather By  Bax Coen  To  * Bax *
Gloves: Enticement L.E: Black Satin By Mariska Simons To  * Blacklace * - part of an outfit
Stocking: "Black 1" By Cynthia Ultsch To  * [Cynful] *
Horns & Tail: "Bitch, Please" By SySy Chapman To  * SySy's *
Hair: "Kamryn" in Black Pearl By Shylah Money To  * Damselfly *
Skin: "Red Classic" in Caramel tone/Black Brows/cl By Rhapzody Wilde To  * Mynerva *

Pose: "Hold Me Tight" By Scarlet Chandray To  *  Iced *  - New!!
βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια