viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

CandyDoll → For SnowFlake Experience & Warm News!!

The Snowflake Experience starting December 4th, 2010 and includes 60 stores. Each store will have an exclusive item which will only be available at the event location.  Proceeds from sales will benefit an RL organization Toys for Tots (  Also for those of you who love hunts or those gacha fanatics there is something for you as well.  There is a sim wide hunt which you are searching for red and white striped candy canes and each designer has one hidden.  The gacha festival will be held a few days from now so details regarding that will be blogged later. Hopefully we can raise a lot of money before the Christmas holiday to benefit the children that are in need.
This text was extracted from Shangrila Style blog because I can't found inworld a notecard with information.
Complete Outfits→ "Christmas Girl" By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll * - SnowFlake Experience (Lm it's a secret until tomorrow)
Hair→ "Gwyneth Streaked" in Seaspray color By Truth Hawks To  * Truth *
Skin→ "Stumblebum - Dael" in Vivante tone/3/Dk/C By Ryker Beck To  * Exodi *  - Mega Fatpack with 10 Makeup and options Dk/Lt/C/F with 4 different skin tones for 500L - Limited Time Offer
Animated Deco→ "Parson Brown - Snowman" & "First Frost Treestump" By Winter Thorn To  * {what next} *
Also, Rebeca Dembo (Designer & Owner of CandyDoll) released 2 new designs for winter boots in 10 colors each style and very comfortable and warm!!! 
Rebeca→ They're awesome!!!! xoxo!! mmmmmuacks!
"Lana" Winter Boots By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *   - New!!
"Puff" Winter Boots By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - New!!

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Snowy Time!! ㋡

First of all I want to say thanks to my niece Nayade and her mother Alexandra for letting me take pictures at they home and for pose with me for this picture.

Sobri y Alexa➩ Usted saben cuánto las quiero!! Miles de gracias por posar para la foto y por brindarme su hogar como escenario ㋡
Sofa→ "Noman" With 10 different poses for kids. By Katey Coppola To * Glitterati Family *  - Free

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