sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

CHIC LIMITED→ April Session→ "Cherry Blossoms"


Don't forget this is the last EVER cycle of CHIC Limited.
 Next month, on May 1st, opens the big annual event Culture Shock.

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια

Truth News & Chic Limited April Session→ Cherry Blossoms ㋡

"Pia" Hair By Truth Hawks To  * Truth *  - New!!
Options: Regular & Streaked (63 colors)
"Denise" Hair By Truth Hawks To  * Truth *  - New!!
Options: Regular, Streaked (63 colors) and Split Attachments.
"Cherry Blossom" Shirt By Nicol Soulstar To  * [N'Soul] *  - Chic Limited Venue
"Stylized Blossom" Jewelry By Deliziosa Vendetta To  * Gems & Kisses *  - Chic Limited Venue
"Tami" Skin in Tan tone/Breast A By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - Chic Limited Venue
"Tyra" Jeans By CK Winx To  * Luck Inc *  - 0L CMFB Hunt
"Pose Fair 2011 Freebie" Poses Pack By Mojo Skytower To  * Poise * - Gift

βу ∆ηαιѕ Мhια