martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Tami→ CandyDoll News !! ㋡

"Tami" Skin By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - New!!
This skin was on Ch1c Birthday Venue but now Rebeca do more lipsticks for it!!
Come in 1 makeup style and 7 different lipsticks (also in tattoo layer). Fatpacks have ALL inclusive but you can buy the lipsticks separately (only work with CandyDoll skins). Also includes 4 differents styles of breast.
"Girly Swimmwear" By Rebeca Dembo To  * CandyDoll *  - New!!
"Takara" Bangles/Red Leather By Kikunosuke Eel To  * Mandala *
"Realistic Hands" Woman By Mayden Ushimawa To  * Mayden Couture *
"Astrid" Hair in Espresso color By  Truth Hawks To  * Truth *  - Last Release
"The Debutante Chaise" Props w/Poses By Rogan Diesel To  * Diesel Works *
"The Crow Stage" Photostudio By M4ri1yn Magic To  * Tableau Vivant *

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